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About JME Electric

JME Electric, Inc. has, since its inception, successfully served its customers and grown in size and number as well as the volume of work. The growth is a direct result of the performance of the management and field personnel. Our Company is a group of people who work together to provide a professional product and service to our customers at a cost-effective price.   We have and will continue to maintain our reputation with our customers and provide a quality product in a timely manner.


Our Process

We prefer to start our work in the design stage of the project. Whether it be Design, Build or Design Assist, we can save the customer a tremendous amount of time and money by providing valuable input into the project in the very early stages.

Design Stage

Our team of electricians can provide cost effective lighting, low voltage and power distribution recommendations during the design process.


Preconstruction Stage

We provide scheduling of manpower and equipment to ensure we complete our work on schedule and on budget.

Construction Stage

We work with the customer throughout the construction process.

Completion Stage

Our long term focus is on the final product.


Our References

United States Postal Service

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Department of Labor & Employment Services

Wilt Chamberlains Restaurant

Lauderdale Beach Hotel

Compson Development

G & E Enterprises, Inc.

Boca Preparatory School

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Stanton Magnetics

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Seminole Tribe of Florida

Flight Safety Boeing

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Optimum Nutrition

Trail Park of Commerce


Sundance Property Management

Everett Tenis Center

Computer Site Technologies

Ocean Equipment

And Many More...

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